Sencha is the leading HTML5 based framework to develop business critical applications and apps that can run on any device. Sencha is now used by more than 50% of the Fortune 100 companies.
DecidoKompetensor is the leading supplier of services around Sencha’s products in Scandinavia. We work primarily with Sencha Touch and Ext JS. We are the only Sencha partner in the Nordic region and we have the largest number of recommendations in the Nordics on Sencha Devs. As part of increasing the knowledge around Sencha and its products we run the biggest Sencha focused meet-up in Scandinavia - The Öresund Ext JS meetup.


Mobile applications

In a world where mobile first is true, you develop new applications for mobile first and then secondly for the desktop. The demand for mobile applications is increasing all the time and this demand do not escape business systems.The challenge is to be able to present and manage important information from the ERP system on the web and mobile devices in an intuitive way.

Modern web technology makes it possible to build desktop-like and component-based applications that clearly separate the user interface from the existing business logic. In addition to this, technologies like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript give us the opportunity to develop touch applications that work on all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, etc.), have the same look and feel as native apps and are easy to deploy to users (no app store required).



Ext JS and Sencha Touch

DecidoKompetensor have developed a solution using Ext JS and Sencha Touch to publish business data and make it accessible on the web and mobile devices in an easy and powerful way. The starting point is business apps but the technology is also applicable in other areas.

We also do most of the adaptations to Bryntum’s components Ext Gantt, Ext Scheduler and Touch Scheduler. You can read about an example solution in our blog post "Big in USA".


Certified Sencha trainers

The latest addition to our service portfolio is that we are Sencha trainers. All training is done under Sencha’s name and you will find the current training schedule here.


Jacob Giselsson
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